What We Do

Global Foundation for Human Excellence is an initiative for Humanitarian, Social and Holistic intervention to see an empowered India. At global foundation our mission is to improve human efficiency by skill building seminars, talent recognition programs, empowering women and helping in elderly care. GFHE recognizes talents in various spheres of human endeavour like Music, Art, social service, communal harmony, brotherhood and peace. We aim to help poor people develop a clearer understanding of the social, political and economic factors affecting their lives, and to strengthen their awareness of their own potential power to control and betterment of their lives.

Our Focus Area

Skill Building Skill building provides knowledge, training and exposure to new opportunities and skill development. The need for skill building has increased with time. Now a day there is need for not only hard skills but soft and personal skills too. We acknowledge this change.
Recognition Of Talent Our society is filled with exceptionally talented people, but they remain unknown. Recognition of such talent is one of the main motives of Global Foundation. We aim to recognize and felicitate the unsung heroes of society who endeavor to uplift the community.
Elderly Care Old age is another childhood is a well said and popular phrase. Just like a new born, aged persons too require special care in their day to day activities. They too need affection and attention, but in our busy lives many a times we are not able to take proper care of them.
Women Empowerment Women are the backbone of every society. From caring mothers to adoring daughters and doting better half they perform each role flawlessly and gracefully. However in many sections of society women are not getting the respect, love and equality they deserve.

Our Events

23 October 2016

feed for save Girl child

It seems that Congress MP Shashi Tharoor is trying to walk on the footprints of Prime

25‎September 2016

feed for Polio drops

About 24 Hundred children below five years of age were administered polio drops

21 June 2016

feed for Yoga

Calling people to embrace the age-old practice of Yoga.here are two main causes of fat.

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