About Us

Global Foundation For Human Excellence

Global Foundation for Human Excellence (GFHE) is an initiative by our president Mr. Vinod Pandey who strongly believes in empowering youth and adults with soft and hard skills which will improve their professional career so that they can be independent and free of limitations to achieve their desired goals. GFHE provides platform for individuals to showcase their talent and help them by being a stepping stone in their prosperous career.

We are a team of individuals with a common goal of bringing a positive change in the society by imparting life skills and professional skills amongst the youth and working professionals in the society. Our primary focus lies in imparting such skills into every person's life so that they enhance their potential and capabilities to become self sustaining and competent person which will not only benefit their personal and professional lifestyle but also progress our society into a better place.

We have been organizing free to attend Skill Building workshops all across Delhi NCR in various public halls and prestigious colleges to ensure that these life skills are imparted in each one of us. Some of the past events of GFHE include workshops like “How to get your dream job”, “Skills to master from successful people”, “Meeting powerful you”, “From startups to IPO’s”, “Read a person like a book”, “Build your personal brand” etc.

Our members vary from students from well known colleges and professionals from reputed Companies to dignified Government officials. Our volunteers from across Delhi NCR, ensure that we provide a learning platform to both privileged and underprivileged community by organizing free to attend skill building workshops all around Delhi. We strongly believe in recognizing talent in various sphere of human endeavor. We conducted an Inspirational Speech Competition in the year 2017 which received a huge response from people.

We also focus and believe in serving the elderly citizens, who are the guiding light in our society but, unfortunately, tend to get neglected .Apart from that we also focus on aiding Cancer patients and cancer foundations , because we understand and empathize with patients going through this ghastly disease. We believe in contributing proactively to the social cause of women upliftment. We also participate actively in blood donation camps and donation of books, blankets and other basic necessities of our society. We also believe in proactively serving in refugee relief camps, disaster camps and slums.

Why Choose Us

Our Vission

We aspire to be a catalyst in bringing a change in the lives of youth as well as working professionals by developing life skills and professional skills among them so that they are much more competent and confident and finish at a dignified position in the race of life. We believe in an educated society which is fair, humane and sustainable. Our vision is deeply rooted in the Indian Constitution and Ethos which guarantees right to equality, education, and justice.

Our Mission

Global Foundation For Human Excellence is an initiative for Humanitarian, Social and Holistic intervention to see India empowered and recognize talents in various sphere of human endeavor. Our four main focus areas are : Skill Building, Women Empowerment, Elderly Care, Recognizing Talent. In today's fiercely competitive environment, we all need to have requisite skill-set to stand out in this world. So, here is your opportunity. The NGO will help an individual build up their skills in various arenas which will be needed in various walks of life. We conduct seminars on the various skill enhancement topics related to education and how to connect yourself with the people in competitive world. We believe in empowering youth and it in turn we will have a better tomorrow in store for them. So experience this amazing feeling by helping us in bringing a positive change in our society.

Our Team

Become A Member

Why you should be a part of this family

The current system needs to be changed and we should also focus on providing soft skills and empower our youth with abilities to make their future secure and worthy to wait for. You can contribute towards this initiative of ours and also help your own self by becoming a member of our NGO. Apart from the above mentioned lifelong benefits you also get the following credits on getting connected with us through volunteer ship and/or membership:

  1. Peace and sense of fulfillment in giving back to the society
  2. Membership certificate after 1 year of membership.
  3. They can attend our meetings in case they are interested in knowing how we work.
  4. Volunteer certificate after helping us organize 5 events.
  5. All the volunteers are an integral part of decision making and planning.
  6. Members develop a network with people having different lifestyles who are united by a common objective.
  7. Members enhance their managerial and leadership skills by working with different people and managing crucial tasks all alone.
  8. Members use logic and critical thinking for solving real issues which give them a clear idea of how the real world function on a smaller platform and prepares them for the future real world problems.
  9. Members use logic and critical thinking for solving real issues which give them a clear idea of how the real world function on a smaller platform and prepares them for the future real world problems.
  10. Lastly, there is no better feeling than seeing a change in your society because of your contributed efforts.