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“We only have what we give” -Isabel Allende

At global foundation our mission is to improve human efficiency by skill building seminars, talent recognition programs, empowering women and helping in elderly care. Contribute and join the movement for human efficiency. We would appreciate your support in our effort in making an efficient society. GET INVOLVED! Contribute in making a difference today.

Become a Volunteer

“The best way to find you is to lose yourself in the service of others.” -M.K. Gandhi Volunteering provides you a chance to be a part of community you want to live in. We always welcome volunteers who can help us with our events, website and other activities. Come volunteer with us, be a part of our growing community, serve a cause, practice one’s ideals, solve problems and gain experience.

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Why you should be a part of this family

The current system needs to be changed and we should also focus on providing soft skills and empower our youth with abilities to make their future secure and worthy to wait for. You can contribute towards this initiative of ours and also help your own self by becoming a member of our NGO. Apart from the above mentioned lifelong benefits you also get the following credits on getting connected with us through volunteer ship and/or membership:

  1. Peace and sense of fulfillment in giving back to the society
  2. Membership certificate after 1 year of membership.
  3. Members get to attend our seminars free of cost.
  4. They can attend our meetings in case they are interested in knowing how we work.
  5. Volunteer certificate after helping us organize 5 events.
  6. All the volunteers are an integral part of decision making and planning.
  7. Members develop a network with people having different lifestyles who are united by a common objective.
  8. Members enhance their managerial and leadership skills by working with different people and managing crucial tasks all alone.
  9. Members use logic and critical thinking for solving real issues which give them a clear idea of how the real world function on a smaller platform and prepares them for the future real world problems.
  10. Lastly, there is no better feeling than seeing a change in your society because of your contributed efforts.